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Because the web is more than just a passion!

A passion for the web, digital marketing and mobile development

The web agency has a real passion for web projects. It takes pleasure in serving web marketers by creating custom websites, mobile applications and developing relevant digital strategies. As a specialist in search engine optimization (SEA), she implements effective advertising campaigns.

In terms of lead generation and sales development strategies, the communication agency looks for more innovative solutions to impress Internet users.

A passion for the web, digital marketing and mobile development
Because the web is more than just a passion

Red Wall Design, the right web address

Expertise in digital strategy & web design

We accompany you in all the stages of your projects!

Customised support from A to Z for all web projects

Ergonomic design of mobile applications, website creation or even increasing website traffic, the web agency offers its expertise to any online business like It designs tailor-made native web solutions: showcase site, e-shop, merchant site, blog, etc. and optimises them.

The webmarketing agency considers all the essential stages in the success of a web project. It takes care of graphic design, web referencing, graphic charter, content strategy, social media strategy.

Wide range of services

As a digital expert, the web agency offers a wide range of services around visual identity, marketing strategy and referencing.

Website creation

Website creation

Technical design of showcase sites, e-commerce sites, institutional sites, blogs.

Web design & graphic design

Web design & graphic design

Design of graphic web interfaces, charter, custom logotype.

Social media

Social media

Customised marketing strategy on social media, community manager.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing

Optimisation of a digital business thanks to web and digital techniques.

Natural referencing

Natural referencing

SEO strategy & technical site optimisation on search engines.

Website redesign

Website redesign

Improvement of website structure, graphic design and visual elements.

Graphic services à la carte!

Turnkey custom graphic design

Advertising on social networks

on social networks

Media graphics

Creation & monitoring of social media posts, campaign images & videos.

Branding and brand development

Branding and brand development

Brand image

Creation of an original branding by working on its charter, logo and web interfaces.

Design for printDesign for print

for print

Quality renderings

Creation of authentic print media: business cards, advertising posters, flyers…

Marketing for a strong brand

Video marketing

Interactive videos to seduce Internet users.


Natural referencing to optimise your pages.

Online advertising

Web marketing campaigns to make yourself known.

Community management

Social networks to create your own community.

User experience design

UX design, UI design, responsive design

User Experience Design

User Experience Design

Practices to optimise the user experience at all levels of interaction.

The design of custom graphic

Graphic / Web Design

The design of custom graphic elements to attract the attention of visitors.

Boost your visibility on search engines

Optimising site traffic from search engines relies on a good natural and paid referencing strategy such as The web agency improves your visibility through SEO, SEA and SEM. It masters the basics of online advertising.